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  1. Is it wort it? (5/19/2020) - “Worth what?” I need context. The phrase ‘it’s worth it’ seems to have taken over conversations, eclipsing other words which would have granted better clarity of meaning. Thus, my reflexes —”is it worth what?! D@#& it, explain!”— and, apparently, my rising temper. It’s about a ‘Final Fantasy VII: Remake’ dilemma. The fact that I’ve been… Continue reading Is it wort it?
  2. On Hospital Playlist: The Endgame (4/29/2020) - The writer and director combo are back with Hospital Playlist, and once again wreak havoc. This is going to be a very long road, with a season two and perhaps season three. I don’t dread that it’s going to drag — but please don’t turn into “How I Met Your Mother” — as the five… Continue reading On Hospital Playlist: The Endgame
  3. How do you eat puff pastry? Part 2 (6/18/2019) - *sigh* I guess the more apt and pressing question is how to stop craving for puff pastry… These cravings rarely plague me. But once they strike, it takes months before I recover. Some years ago, it was craving for pancakes that pushed me into hunting pancake dishes around town or making them. Another time, it… Continue reading How do you eat puff pastry? Part 2
  4. How do you eat puff pastry? (6/12/2019) - I love pâte feuilletée. Thus, it was an easy decision to pick the tuna puff pastry. Especially when it came with a cup of cappuccino in a combo package, which I thought was a good deal. It was fluffy and puffy, of course. It smelled buttery and felt light. Puff pastry made a perfect dish… Continue reading How do you eat puff pastry?
  5. Hear! Hear! (3/11/2019) - “We are not family! Let’s get paid properly!” The motto of a fictional IT startup
  6. Again?! (8/16/2018) - This is probably the closest one’d get to posting anything political as one can’t hold it back any more… !@#$%^&! Yours truly’s delicate sensibilities just can’t handle the noise. Right. It’s the packaging and delivery that matter. Oh, and editing… And framing…   That’s all there is to it. Now. Can we just fast forward… Continue reading Again?!
  7. Jay Leonhart’s Bass Lesson (7/1/2018) - hahahaha…
  8. Thank you, Sir… (4/9/2018) - When the news of Isao Takahata (高畑 勲) passing on 5 April came via an app notification, I paused from reading a book. For a moment, my chest tightened with a familiar pain. And the memories of watching Grave of the Fireflies (火垂るの墓, Hotaru no Haka) decades ago and the grief and devastation that had… Continue reading Thank you, Sir…
  9. Are You Game? (3/12/2018) - One, currently reading Mr Bown’s book “The Playstation Dreamworld”, comes across his essay: Games are ideological constructions which push a set of values on the user. Like television and film, they often support the ideologies of their context: in the Bush years, American games endorsed aggressive foreign policy; since Brexit, British games advocate isolationism or… Continue reading Are You Game?
  10. 2017, In A Playlist: On the Piano (12/22/2017) - It’s almost the end of December and retrospective posts are swarming one’s feed. Let’s hit back. On the piano, “2017 has been an interesting year,” one’d say. Some personal favourites released new albums this year. ‘Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau’ came out in January. Omar Sosa’s ‘Transparent Water’, in collaboration with Seckou Keita, was released… Continue reading 2017, In A Playlist: On the Piano
  11. Afterthoughts on Forest of Secrets, and Its Biggest Mystery… (10/2/2017) - This is courtesy of dearest pal Al whose claim that Forest of Secrets (비밀의 숲/Secret Forest, or Stranger on Netflix) is on par or even better than Signal nudged one to succumb to temptation. Now that one has finished it (twice!), one should get these thoughts out of one’s system before one starts swinging axe… Continue reading Afterthoughts on Forest of Secrets, and Its Biggest Mystery…
  12. Learning Should Be Fun (10/1/2017) - These days, I would look at who makes that statement. He’s an app developer promoting his ‘educational’ app aimed at children (or the children’s parents so they would let their children play with said app). “Oh, well. He needs to sell his products,” I’d say. He’s a kindergartener. Fine, then. He is in that phase… Continue reading Learning Should Be Fun
  13. randomise() (6/9/2017) - 18 and 23 18 Gigabytes download in 23 minutes… Am I in heaven? Or did somebody at my ISP misquote my bandwidth quota? Or… did magic work? More likely, fewer people hog the internet connection at this time of day or night. But I won’t tell when-and-how, lest people try to capitalise on my finding.… Continue reading randomise()
  14. AI, Now in Broadcasting, and Next… (4/25/2017) - I found the article (How AI is remaking Hollywood)‘s date weird, “Dec 25, 2017” (spotted on 25 April 2017), while The NAB 2017 event is currently being held in Las Vegas. Why? What happened, Google Cloud? Anyway, I’ve finally raised the white flag on AI, as in accepting the reality that it’s going into my… Continue reading AI, Now in Broadcasting, and Next…
  15. “What’s in it for me?” (4/24/2017) - For one thing, it had been an act of defiance to get the other party to see IT from my point of view and thus see the ludicrousness of such offer or order. Yet I was taken by surprise to find myself voicing it out loud as I asked myself that question silently at that… Continue reading “What’s in it for me?”
  16. Going Rogue #2: Hwarang, Penultimate Week’s Afterthought (2/16/2017) - One doesn’t usually bother writing about kdramas one finds less than satisfactory. So this must be a lunacy, possibly with a capital L, on one’s part. This drama must have caused one’s wiring to short-circuit. Otherwise, how should one explain the following baffling experience… At the end of episode 18, Sam Maek Jong walks into… Continue reading Going Rogue #2: Hwarang, Penultimate Week’s Afterthought
  17. One of Those Mysteries (1/30/2017) - You’ve been dead now… wait a minute let me see… [insert-some-numbers] years come next january… As a human being you are history… So why oh why… Yeah. One of those misteries… Hahahaha…
  18. Lost in Fiction-land (1/19/2017) - This won’t do. !@#$. What’s with this blogging block one is currently in: unable to string words into coherent sentences; dreading the publish button so much that one is stuck forever drafting. So one looked up last year’s first post for inspiration, which was about a korean drama. Yet that line of thought goes nowhere… Continue reading Lost in Fiction-land
  19. An Existential Angst (9/27/2016) - I sat there again. I took in my surrounding, sat back, and relaxed, occasionally laughed a little when something funny crossed my mind. I like that spot as I can see and hear everything without being seen. Unless, of course, someone pays attention. And apparently, someone did. I don’t mind usually if anyone sits in… Continue reading An Existential Angst
  20. Finally! An End To A ‘Name That Tune’ Distress (8/24/2016) - This sort of annoyance gets more frequent. The latest had me vexed for days that luckily gets ‘solved’. Finally. It started when I got notification from PostModern Jukebox channel on Youtube for their August 11 upload: I Will Survive – Vintage ’40s Jazz / Latin Ballroom Style Cover. It was a fine cover—PMJ is one… Continue reading Finally! An End To A ‘Name That Tune’ Distress
  21. Pokémon Go, a ‘spin-off’, and a question of reality (7/28/2016) - There is going to be a spin-off of this game—or perhaps there is already one. If not, I call it first, world!—called Ghostbusters, in which ghosts are the highlight, instead of Pokémons. To catch ghosts, players would roam ‘haunted’ places at nights. Or just simply look behind you? And, wouldn’t it be great if it… Continue reading Pokémon Go, a ‘spin-off’, and a question of reality
  22. Three Takes on Thunderbolt Fantasy (7/19/2016) - It doesn’t matter who started this. We’ve been spoilt. We couldn’t unsee it now that we’ve seen it. Someone tipped the alchemist off that there was this weird puppets on TV. The alchemist told a friend and me. And before you know it, emails are flying around discussing Thunderbolt Fantasy. *** First reaction… the alchemist:… Continue reading Three Takes on Thunderbolt Fantasy
  23. The Little Things You Do And Do Not Do (7/7/2016) - It was really suprising. It was surprising, not because The Cool Kid had bagged first prize in a ‘science olympiad’ in his school but because he hadn’t told anyone at home about it. I, with my faux-skeptic smile, teased, “did you really?” He kept his composure as if he couldn’t care less. “So be it… Continue reading The Little Things You Do And Do Not Do
  24. The Misery of A Misanthrope (6/30/2016) - Misanthrope may be too strong a word for someone who doesn’t do social media like me. But the misery is real and never more pronounced than these past few days. It’s approaching ‘Ied and many outlets (cafes and shops), online and offline, offer deals that require the participants to like and follow their facebook page,… Continue reading The Misery of A Misanthrope
  25. The Confusion of May (5/2/2016) - In my calendar, May has always been the most confusing month. There are two dates designated as national days: national day of education on the 2nd and national day of awakening/resurgence on the 20th. The confusion started when I needed to remember a friend’s birthday. This is because she never fails to give congratulatory calls… Continue reading The Confusion of May
  26. Of The Dearly Beloved (4/20/2016) - Half way through the ride, of what must have been the slowest pace one had ever made on a rather empty road, the rain came. One tried to switch the music player to upbeat tunes in an effort to boost mood and speed, trying to get home as fast as one could. But an attempt… Continue reading Of The Dearly Beloved
  27. An Afternoon with A Young Football Squad (3/29/2016) - “All those thoughts came and went like wind…” I wonder as well… *Sigh* One had gone out for an afternoon walk, somehow got quite far, lost in thought. It must have been dark and gloomy thoughts as one could not recall them but remember one’s physically and mentally tired state instead. It had been a… Continue reading An Afternoon with A Young Football Squad
  28. Going Rogue #1 (3/1/2016) - Hmmmph! Talking about one’s mental state? One is feeling like turning red, kicking down some walls, jumping over, smashing some roofs… … and bringing down Solaris on a rampage. *** “Where have you been?!” It had been a cheery tone one had been dreading yet expecting from a friend. One sighed. “Anything wrong?” She claimed… Continue reading Going Rogue #1
  29. “Answer Me 1988”: Post-Finale Afterthoughts (1/21/2016) - First thing first: To gloat or not to gloat, that’s the question. ** spoiler alert **
  30. Of Shipping War and “Answer Me 1988” (1/12/2016) - One could not believe oneself either, getting into shipping war over fictional characters. Again. It’s another “who is the husband” game from “Answer Me 1988” and one’s deduction points to the Baduk Master. One puts it here in writing because one so wants to gloat if when one is proved right by the end of… Continue reading Of Shipping War and “Answer Me 1988”

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