The Misery of A Misanthrope

Misanthrope may be too strong a word for someone who doesn’t do social media like me. But the misery is real and never more pronounced than these past few days.

It’s approaching ‘Ied and many outlets (cafes and shops), online and offline, offer deals that require the participants to like and follow their facebook page, twitter and instagram accounts, tweet about them, post pictures with a mention of the product and outlet and certain hashtag inclusion. These automatically exclude me from participating, which I don’t really mind. But this marketing approach gives me quite a heartbreak in other areas.

One involves writing competitions. I was often discouraged after I read the registration procedures. Most of them require similar strategy. To enter, follow the organizer’s facebook-twitter-instagram account before committing your writing or essay. Duh!

Another involves attempt to register as member of blogging communities. I understand the excuse that these social media “help to promote our members’ blogs”. But, why not give space, or exceptions, for the “social media sceptics” like me? Though such question should beg another question: why on earth would a self-proclaimed misanthropic blogger join a blogging community? Double duh!

So, misanthropic bloggers, let’s…. unite?


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