Going Rogue #1

Hmmmph! Talking about one’s mental state?

One is feeling like turning red, kicking down some walls, jumping over, smashing some roofs…

… and bringing down Solaris on a rampage.


“Where have you been?!” It had been a cheery tone one had been dreading yet expecting from a friend.

One sighed. “Anything wrong?”

She claimed that she had been trying to locate one for days. She had tried to contact one via various channels. But one could not help scoffing inwardly. Yeah, right. If she had been really trying, she would have known one would go here and there. One had not been hiding or anything.

One just looked into her eyes while letting those explanations going in one ear and out the other, silently screaming DON’T…! Don’t pretend that you care!


Oh, yeah. Having that feeling all right…


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