Are You Game?

One, currently reading Mr Brown’s book “The Playstation Dreamworld”, comes across his essay:

Games are ideological constructions which push a set of values on the user. Like television and film, they often support the ideologies of their context: in the Bush years, American games endorsed aggressive foreign policy; since Brexit, British games advocate isolationism or nostalgia for empire – and the prominence of anti-Islam games in the 2000s tells it all. Alfie Brown, “How video games are fuelling the rise of the far right”

This brings back memories of many grim post-apocalyptic video games one had played once upon a time. How one has been influenced by those games, one still needs to reflect. One thing one noted is that one had come out of those games feeling relieved that “it’s just a game!” But now, watching the real world plays out, those scenarios aren’t so far-fetched after all…

3 thoughts on “Are You Game?”

  1. Did you play Fallout? I have a feeling you might have played one of Fallout’s many iterations. It’s definitely post-apocalyptic, and it’s grim as heck. On that note, Far Cry 5 has multiple endings. And (sorry, spoilers) even the supposed good ending is seemingly grim. Somehow, writing this reminds me of Waco. But I digress.

    Do you still play games?

    I think the dearth of contemporary games-while they run the gamut in terms of themes, tend to have storylines that are rather liberal in values. An example of this is an uptick in LGBTQ themes that tend to pop up in recent games. Heck, you can create an outright male-to-female transsexual in The Sims 4 without resorting to mods!

    On the chipper end of gloom, perhaps the fact that the relatively cutesy Fortnite is gaining popularity against PUBG in the clash of battle royale games is a sign that most gamers just want to have fun.

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    1. In general (excluding extreme cruelty, torture, and degrading material), I don’t mind the variety in themes. Sometimes, like books, they make for interesting thought experiments.

      Indeed. I played Fallout and Fallout 2, and lost the Fallout 3 disc before ever finishing it.

      I don’t do gaming as much as I used to- stamina is diminishing fast and I have yet to move on to the latest consoles… These days, I stick to racing games to de-stress…

      On Fortnite and PUBG, is it a case of fantasy (in setting) trumping realism…


      1. Rightey-o.
        It’s grand that you’ve finished Fallout 1 and 2. I’ve only finished the third one. I think those games got campy at times, which is quite nice to see despite the relative despondency.

        You know, my Dad was into racing games back in the day. So I can see why the genre is a great choice to de-stress.

        And my wife played The Sims 4 with the sex mod on (installing it was my idea). She played it daily for a whole month straight before the last semester began.

        Games are essentially fun, aren’t they? Hehehe…


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