“What’s in it for me?”

For one thing, it had been an act of defiance to get the other party to see IT from my point of view and thus see the ludicrousness of such offer or order. Yet I was taken by surprise to find myself voicing it out loud as I asked myself that question silently at that very moment.

In the past, I would go quite willingly with such offer even if, by calculation, I got shortchanged, so to speak. I would easily list 10 reasons why I shouldn’t take the offer and 11 reasons why I should. This time, even with the reassurance of a win-win outcome, I couldn’t get past this: I don’t like you.

It had been so long since such question had arisen in my life. Have I changed that much? Or has the answer changed?

Or perhaps I should ask that question more frequently from now on? Frankly, I’d rather not. Constructing a list is boring and a list with a rogue pointer will only send me to debugging hell.

So. No, thank you.


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