My Kitchen My Rules

I can’t believe it! I finally snapped. But who wouldn’t when one experienced these in the middle of the night:

  • The chopping board was placed the wrong way
  • The wrong sort of cloth was used to wipe the counter top
  • The wrong spatula was used on that frying pan
  • The spoons and forks were misplaced and mismatched, and one fork lost its pair
  • The vegetable waste and leftovers were put on the wrong bin
  • The eggshells were thrown away haphazardly that I stepped on one accidentally
  • The leftover coffee ground was scattered over the kitchen sink

Should I just lock the kitchen so no one can abuse it?

My head hurt. More so as the Joker’s “why so serious!” taunts overlapped with the alternate Joker’s “why so territorial!” inside my head.

Okay. Fine. I’ll just go back to bed and hope this is just a passing nightmare…

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