Pokémon Go, a ‘spin-off’, and a question of reality

There is going to be a spin-off of this game—or perhaps there is already one. If not, I call it first, world!—called Ghostbusters, in which ghosts are the highlight, instead of Pokémons. To catch ghosts, players would roam ‘haunted’ places at nights. Or just simply look behind you?

And, wouldn’t it be great if it includes a well and a you-know-who in full glory?

Soon. Soon, my dear…

Augmented reality (or not) aside, it won’t be long until conversations go south without anyone giving yours truly a funny look. Like this:

a friend, “I see a pokémon!”

yours truly, “…and I see ghosts!”

Because they are basically the same. They see something that isn’t there. Or is there?


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