The Confusion of May

In my calendar, May has always been the most confusing month.

There are two dates designated as national days: national day of education on the 2nd and national day of awakening/resurgence on the 20th. The confusion started when I needed to remember a friend’s birthday. This is because she never fails to give congratulatory calls and messages on mine —even though I’ve set the data private on facebook and google+— that I feel I should return the gesture. Hers coincides with one of those national days.

Why I didn’t just look up contact info, you may ask. Well, this confusion predates the digital social networking world. At the time, my memory anchored dates in a weird way, akin to the famous Singaporean Cheryl’s birthday problem. I suspect I secretly like the confusion because it keeps my brain working and keeps me from relying too much on digital memory.


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