Finally! An End To A ‘Name That Tune’ Distress

This sort of annoyance gets more frequent. The latest had me vexed for days that luckily gets ‘solved’. Finally.

It started when I got notification from PostModern Jukebox channel on Youtube for their August 11 upload: I Will Survive – Vintage ’40s Jazz / Latin Ballroom Style Cover. It was a fine cover—PMJ is one of my sources of music discovery as they cover latest songs in a more palatable package— yet somehow it bugged me. I thought I’d encountered similar treatment (arrangement in various styles) on another song. Unable to recall the related song and where I’d listened to it—not to mention where and how to investigate it!— had been super annoying.

I took a long long walk just thinking about it, recalling events and moments in life that may or may not be related to ‘I Will Survive’. Let it rest, I told myself many times. But I couldn’t stop racking my brain. Was it the keys that struck a cord with my memory? The styles? The lyrics? Until I recalled a conversation with a dear friend.

It was around the release of Cake’s ‘I Will Survive’ and the dear friend had been quite taken with the bass line. I remember playing accompaniment on the keyboard and somehow we digressed into different song entirely. We laughed for hours for the song was a complete opposite in spirit. But it gave us an ‘aha!’ moment. In that session, we formulated that there are two approaches to parting or broken-heart: either ‘I Will Survive’ or ‘I Will Wait For You’.

Is that it? I Will Wait For You? I stopped walking.

I rushed back for internet connection, sifted through Youtube’s collection of the song covers. I finally found it, the composer himself, Michel Legrand, playing ‘I Will Wait For You’ in jazz, waltz, bossanova, tango, new orleans, and russian styles, in a trio. And I remember thinking that I could hear ‘I-Will-Survive’-ish bits in 2:40-3:00 when I listened to it for the first time three years ago.

Case closed, thank Goodness! Now, I need to work on the ‘unsolved’ ones. And !@#%$, there are plenty of them.


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