Is it wort it?

“Worth what?” I need context.

The phrase ‘it’s worth it’ seems to have taken over conversations, eclipsing other words which would have granted better clarity of meaning. Thus, my reflexes —”is it worth what?! D@#& it, explain!”— and, apparently, my rising temper.

It’s about a ‘Final Fantasy VII: Remake’ dilemma. The fact that I’ve been contemplating its worth somehow causes unease, brings embarrassment, and sets anger in me.

“Is it worth the mental exhaustion of playing 16 hours a day in isolation?” Even though we are already in a quarantine-like mode here.

“Is it worth spending US$300-ish just to be able to play a US$60 game?” Moreover, I’d need a decent pair of wireless headphones and a bigger TV screen. Oh, “and snacks.”

Lebaran sales be d@#&*>?! They say, keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your money closest! Hah! In the end, “no, it’s not.” It’s neither worth buying nor worth getting all worked up.


Of course, this would have been a different story had it been for a ‘Xenogears’ remake.

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