Going Rogue #2: Hwarang, Penultimate Week’s Afterthought

One doesn’t usually bother writing about kdramas one finds less than satisfactory. So this must be a lunacy, possibly with a capital L, on one’s part. This drama must have caused one’s wiring to short-circuit. Otherwise, how should one explain the following baffling experience…

At the end of episode 18, Sam Maek Jong walks into the Royal Court, interrupting whatever debate the court is rolling, and introducing himself as the King. Yet, one’s brain played a different game: “7 things Sam Maek Jong might be thinking whilst strutting…”

One came up with these initial possibilities…

  1. Don’t you wonder how I can change easily from hwarang uniform into my kingly attire whenever I go to the palace? I do. 

    *Cue wittertainment’s standard HOW-TO manual*
    Q: How does Sam Maek Jong change easily from hwarang uniform into King Jin-Heung‘s kingly attire?
    A: He just changes easily from hwarang uniform into King Jin-Heung‘s kingly attire. Duh!

  2. But don’t I look so good and kingly in this red and gold?
  3. Why are these kingly robes always in red and gold? I look good in other colours too.
  4. Hello old men! You want the King? Hear! Hear! And he’s here! Here!
  5. Oh! Hi Mum! You’re sitting on my chair, by the way…
  6. Hope the sun shines brightly today so that the laundry dries nicely and perfectly…

    And at that “laundry” thought, one cannot help laughing, recalling Sam Maek Jong boasting about his laundering skill and talent to Pa-Oh. That immediately reminded one of another character, who also loves doing laundry: Rurouni Kenshin, and gave one a pause. And an idea.

    One re-ran Sam Maek Jong‘s grand entrance while one was listening to Taku Iwasaki‘s “Kotowari” (from Rurouni Kenshin‘s depressing first OVA), timing the procession to sync with the tune’s bridge. It immediately put one in dour mood that one assessed Sam Maek Jong‘s strut soberly…

    ‘So, young man… Your cowardice and inaction have taken lives dearest to you. The guilt weighing on your young and tiny shoulders is so painfully visible. It’s a burden you shall carry forever. But, move on. You have failed to protect and save X and Y, but you shall not fail others. Further bloodshed and loss should be stopped.’

    Which brought the seventh point…

  7. Let’s end this ‘who-and-where-is-the-king’ hunt. I am your target. So come and get me. 

    Which might necessitate a bonus point…

  8. The game, Mrs Hudson, is on! 

    Wait a minute, that’s another show (with a baffling fourth season finale)! Get a grip, Noel!

One should stop. But one couldn’t. Next in line was Sam Maek Jong‘s strutting to Sherlock‘s theme. Perhaps one shall try it with Id‘s theme as well since both dress in red. Soon, one better set up a playlist.

But whatever the tunes were, have fun king-ing around, King Jin-Heung! For one is kinda having fun too.

No. Stop. Now. Seriously.

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