On Hospital Playlist: The Endgame

The writer and director combo are back with Hospital Playlist, and once again wreak havoc.

This is going to be a very long road, with a season two and perhaps season three. I don’t dread that it’s going to drag — but please don’t turn into “How I Met Your Mother” — as the five friends are a joy to watch.


But, fine. Let me put this in writing and see if I still get the writer Lee Woo-Jeong right.

I think the endgame is going to be Jeong-Won (Yoo Yeon-Seok) and Song-Hwa (Jeon Mi-Do).

It’s just a hunch — I am sure others can dig deeper on the meta and what-not. Perhaps it’s because of the fact that “the third son” is revealed in the manner befitting the previous “husband hunt” games of the Reply series. This is Reply 1999.

Anyway, let’s just not start another shipping war, shall we?

Or is it on already?