Lost in Fiction-land

This won’t do. !@#$. What’s with this blogging block one is currently in: unable to string words into coherent sentences; dreading the publish button so much that one is stuck forever drafting. So one looked up last year’s first post for inspiration, which was about a korean drama. Yet that line of thought goes nowhere since one has been in a state of dissatisfaction with kdramas after “Signal” ended in march 2016, which needs a separate post.

One needs to re-calibrate one’s expectation and keep in mind that “Signal” is the exception to Kdrama laws. This re-calibration will probably take years, judging from previous “Misaeng” effect. Or until both dramas’ director, Kim Won-Seok, comes with a new one.

This really won’t do. Yet one insists on conjuring something to post that one shall just do this the haphazard way then…

*cue for Bob James and Nathan East’s “Turbulence”*

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Three Takes on Thunderbolt Fantasy

It doesn’t matter who started this. We’ve been spoilt. We couldn’t unsee it now that we’ve seen it.

Someone tipped the alchemist off that there was this weird puppets on TV. The alchemist told a friend and me. And before you know it, emails are flying around discussing Thunderbolt Fantasy.


First reaction…

the alchemist: “…” *and ended with a resounding HAHAHAHA!*

sloe: “!!!!@$@^!!!!”

moi: “Whatta…” *and then chuckled all the way through these episodes…*

You know that certain figure or figurine is a villain because…

the alchemist: “He or she recites poetry on nihilism and has deathblow called ‘absolute annihilation’…”

sloe: “He or she wears dark eye shadow and heavy eyebrows and mascara…”

moi: “He or she has got maniacal laughs and speaks in riddles and metaphors…”

You know that you’ll be following this series because…

the alchemist: “There is a sword called ‘Heavenly Retribution’ that intrigues you as to what it can do that other swords can’t. And then there is a place called ‘Seven Sins Tower’ that gets your imagination running wild. You gotta know ’em!”

sloe: “Puppets get bloody and explode… You don’t do that to a puppet in real life without raising suspicion that you’re a psychopath…”

moi: “There’s that ‘Code of The Umbrella’ one has to follow..” And there are voices of Sephiroth and Chiaki-senpai.


Glove puppetry has been around for as long as storytelling. But I’ve never seen anything like this recently on TV, telling an epic with CGI and fireworks. So, yup, we’re in this together! We vowed.

And for that, I need to free up hard disk space. Let the ‘epic cleaning biennale’ begin!