This is probably the closest one’d get to posting anything political as one can’t hold it back any more… !@#$%^&! Yours truly’s delicate sensibilities just can’t handle the noise.

Right. It’s the packaging and delivery that matter.

Oh, and editing…

And framing…


That’s all there is to it.

Now. Can we just fast forward and get this done and over with? Or just leave one alone to attend the more pressing matter of 1s and 0s?!

A Bird’s Eye View of 2014: A Master Class in Self-Aggrandisement

I had been caught off guard when someone had told me that he or she had been a fan for years.”Thank you,” I had said with trepidation and awkward laugh and, “I hope meeting me in person would not be a disappointment.” What should I have said? How should I have reacted? On the third incident, the awkwardness had lessened but the anxiety had magnified. The thoughts of having to live up to anyone’s perceived view of me are intimidating.

While composing these bird’s-eye-view posts I realised I should probably have taken notes from the year’s interesting events. 2014 had reeked of sales pitch, personal branding and image management.

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