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How AI is remaking Hollywood

I found the article (How AI is remaking Hollywood)‘s date weird, “Dec 25, 2017” (spotted on 25 April 2017), while The NAB 2017 event is currently being held in Las Vegas. Why? What happened, Google Cloud?

Anyway, I’ve finally raised the white flag on AI, as in accepting the reality that it’s going into my daily life sooner than I’d expected, the moment DeepMind’s AlphaGo beat Lee Se-Dol 4-1, in March last year. When the last bastion of human brain’s enigmatic working had been cracked, the rest (applications of AI) will come in droves, I suppose.

I am so looking forward to the day AI ‘enhances’ that tedious and tricky business of doing laundry, with and without the machine.

Going Rogue #2: Hwarang, Penultimate Week’s Afterthought

One doesn’t usually bother writing about kdramas one finds less than satisfactory. So this must be a lunacy, possibly with a capital L, on one’s part. This drama must have caused one’s wiring to short-circuit. Otherwise, how should one explain the following baffling experience…

At the end of episode 18, Sam Maek Jong walks into the Royal Court, interrupting whatever debate the court is rolling, and introducing himself as the King. Yet, one’s brain played a different game: “7 things Sam Maek Jong might be thinking whilst strutting…”

One came up with these initial possibilities…

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