Three Takes on Thunderbolt Fantasy

It doesn’t matter who started this. We’ve been spoilt. We couldn’t unsee it now that we’ve seen it.

Someone tipped the alchemist off that there was this weird puppets on TV. The alchemist told a friend and me. And before you know it, emails are flying around discussing Thunderbolt Fantasy.


First reaction…

the alchemist: “…” *and ended with a resounding HAHAHAHA!*

sloe: “!!!!@$@^!!!!”

moi: “Whatta…” *and then chuckled all the way through these episodes…*

You know that certain figure or figurine is a villain because…

the alchemist: “He or she recites poetry on nihilism and has deathblow called ‘absolute annihilation’…”

sloe: “He or she wears dark eye shadow and heavy eyebrows and mascara…”

moi: “He or she has got maniacal laughs and speaks in riddles and metaphors…”

You know that you’ll be following this series because…

the alchemist: “There is a sword called ‘Heavenly Retribution’ that intrigues you as to what it can do that other swords can’t. And then there is a place called ‘Seven Sins Tower’ that gets your imagination running wild. You gotta know ’em!”

sloe: “Puppets get bloody and explode… You don’t do that to a puppet in real life without raising suspicion that you’re a psychopath…”

moi: “There’s that ‘Code of The Umbrella’ one has to follow..” And there are voices of Sephiroth and Chiaki-senpai.


Glove puppetry has been around for as long as storytelling. But I’ve never seen anything like this recently on TV, telling an epic with CGI and fireworks. So, yup, we’re in this together! We vowed.

And for that, I need to free up hard disk space. Let the ‘epic cleaning biennale’ begin!

An Afternoon with A Young Football Squad

“All those thoughts came and went like wind…”

I wonder as well…


One had gone out for an afternoon walk, somehow got quite far, lost in thought. It must have been dark and gloomy thoughts as one could not recall them but remember one’s physically and mentally tired state instead.

It had been a windy yet strangely bright afternoon. One had been expecting at least a cloudy sky. These past months, the afternoons had almost always rained.

A turn took one to another sight.

Practice, practice, practice!
Play on young ones!

Why can’t it be as simple as this? One thought as one observed the scene before one. Young and tiny football players lined up to have a go at scoring a goal.

“Because you make it complicated.”

And as if on cue, one’s ears began to pick some of the podcast’s catchphrases. Post-industrial world. Economic value. Ether. Paradox. Brainwashing.

“Start listening… Really listen…”

One removed the earphones, paused the player, closed one eyes, and began to realign to the sounds around one.

Laughter. Cheers. Instructions. Disappointed cries whenever the ball missed the goalpost. Some curses.

And smiles. I can hear smiles.

A response to Optimistic.

The Art of Getting Lost

At one point, I realised I had walked too far from the starting point. Two hours and a good number of smaller lanes later, my internal GPS gave out confusing reading. With the sun behind me, I still had no idea whether I was facing south or west.

When I had initiated the walk, I had got one thing in mind: let’s get lost.

So. I finally managed to get lost.


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Memory Exception and Error Handling

One thing I learned from programming is that most of the time you will likely face worse-case scenarios (the famous moore’s murphy’s law reigns supreme!). You also deal with out of domain inputs and out of bound output range. There will be unexpected (mis)behaviour. You put them into consideration while trying to keep the system working as intended. Thus, always create exceptions and error handlers.

The same goes with life, I suppose: things don’t go as planned; you get abused by bad input intakes and give fluctuative performance; sometimes you get lost as well. So write your own exception and error handlers.

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