Of A Secret Shared

“Well, well… The plot thickens…”

A remark from a dear friend, spoken as we were standing by the window and looking at the scenes playing out before us. He followed the remark with an ear-piercing whistle. I shushed him as we ducked out of sight, giggling.

We had just witnessed a girl, a schoolmate, extending her umbrella to include a boy, another schoolmate, under its protection. They had probably no idea we were watching. They most definitely had not realised that we had been following with interest their relationship unfolding through this window.

The wind grew stronger. Before long thunders came in droves. We looked through the window once more and watched the boy and the girl struggling to keep the umbrella in its structure. It turned out to be a vain effort. The boy and the girl ran for shelter.

The news of their attachment would break a lot of hearts.

“… and yours included, huh?” the dear friend commented with a knowing smile.

“A little…”

Knowing in advance helped lessen the impact. Or so I thought. Still, I wished I had been the one extending the umbrella.

I sighed. “Don’t tell anyone…”

He made a face. “Bribe me.”

I made a face. “You know. I remember reading something along the line of ‘three can keep a secret if two are dead’. Wanna try with ‘two’?”

“Nothing bonds two people like a secret shared?”

“That, my friend, is very quote-worthy!” I commented, partly sneering and partly agreeing. I scribbled his words down a notebook.


The boy and the girl broke up in three months after this incident, as was chronicled in the notebook.

The five volumes of “Various Observations Through The Second Floor Window” were concluded in the next two years. They were then stashed into a box that was kept at a corner in the attic.


[Featured image: Pedestrians Umbrella, CC by 4.0]


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