A Note to Oneself: Be Very Wary of Online Shopping

One has never thought one would fall into that abyss of shopping spree. In physical world (offline life), one rarely goes shopping and less likely to visit malls as one tends to avoid crowd and crowded places. Such is the opposite of online marketplaces and thus the advantage as well as dangerous magnet for one. The last few days, one had slipped into a state in which one constantly checked in at well known online shopping sites after one had registered and put a number of items on wishlists.

The pull came from the stream of emails and push notification from apps that almost constantly reminded one that your wishlist item is on sale! Grab it now! or offers and discounts on other items you might like. All came with a sense of urgency that was quite unnerving. And, in a moment of weakness at 2 a.m., one succumbed to it. A few days later, one was left with one bag too many and too weirdly coloured to match with any from one’s wardrobe.

What were you thinking, Noel?! One has been wallowing in guilt, remorse, and shame ever since.

Now, one added another confirmed weakness to an already long list of one’s defects: susceptibility to impulse online buying. One should also put countermeasures to prevent similar things from ever taking place in the future: limit exposures to those sites, ie uninstall apps and unsubscribe email, and think a thousand times before clicking!

On a different note, one gets insights into consumers’s behaviour and how to achieve conversion or influence them to act. With hindsight, it must have been a combination of a notice on last shipping date before Ied and an email stating that there had been only two items left of the article, as well as a perceived huge price cut. It is similar to how those midnight sales have amassed buyers: narrow down options and create that sense of urgency around them.

Hmmm. It feels like being in a boss fight in an rpg. Interesting.


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