The Hound of Baskerville

I like Mr Norén’s themes. I attributed the minimalistic and stark elegance that most of his themes exude to the scandinavian sensitivity. I’ve been experimenting with his themes elsewhere and learning the gist of “masonry” layout from baskerville, fukasawa, and garfunkel. Anyway, after Baskerville had been made available for, I was in dilemma: Should I change theme again?

trying out the Baskerville theme...
trying out the Baskerville theme…

Mr Norén’s Radcliffe had served me well and, so far, been my favourite on Radcliffe has strong typography, which I love, and the red, white and black colour scheme to which I am currently attracted. It looks good with only words as I am not used to blog with photos or pictures. For one who would rather have the thousand words from the famous if a picture paints a thousand words… lyrics, Radcliffe feels like a huge empty clean space inviting me to fill it with words, gibberish may they sound.

Let’s see if Baskerville gives similar invitation.

*Waiting for lovecraft now…*

And an hour later….. Radcliffe it is!


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