Being Passive Aggressive

He would have been an ideal guest: charming; he talked a lot that I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of questions to ask. He even posed questions and answered them himself. Super! But this was a conversation that I had to direct. I needed to gain control of it fast.

Yet I was failing. My brain had stopped, or rather had jammed, like a printer when it was fed too much papers and one of them got stuck in the process.

He was selling a product, a business opportunity, I understood that. He would want to sound convincing about it. Unluckily, I am someone who is predisposed to be skeptical when confronted with claims such as those he mentioned. No risk, eh? 2 million x 100 people profit opportunity? All sunshine and daisies? My knee-jerk reaction was to challenge those claims.

My expression might have given the wrong signal for he then got even more energetic and animated, throwing in more promises and exaggeration. A part of me started being pedantic and picking on his sentences, diction, and anecdotes.

I was beginning to self-sabotage.

So I feigned a cough. I reached for the half a litre water bottle, and drank it all at once, very very unlady-like. He looked shocked and stopped mid-sentence. I got my chance.

I took a deep breath and put on a smile. Right! Very interesting! But hold it right there because we have to take a break for a couple of minutes. So stay tuned!

And order was, once again, restored.


2 thoughts on “Being Passive Aggressive”

    1. Err.. It does sound familiar…. Should have put a disclaimer: “This is fiction inspired by true events. Any resemblance to anyone or any events may or may not be accidentally coincidental… “


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