An interference

What were the odds that in one day I would hear random people asked “how is your study?” or “have you graduated yet?” twelve times? In one day? (Yes, I counted!)

The frequency alone should make me sit up straight, unwillingly. At one point I told myself, “one more, just one more… and I will scream and yell ‘mind your own business, insufferable !@#^&!'”

Sure. The thirteenth came. But I did not scream although I wished I had.

When the the fourteenth person came forwards, I had let go of the anger and axiety.

The fourteenth caller, a good friend who was visiting from another city, warned with concern, “do not follow in my footsteps!” She had refused to finish her thesis on the ground that the exercise had not enriched the soul.

I scoffed. On that ground, I’ve got even more valid reason to follow you. It tears up my soul!

We laughed it off.

“Don’t give up…” or something along that line, she said.

I was silent for a moment and realised, had this been said by the previous thirteen, I would probably have brushed it off as mere pleasantries. Why had this one held a significance?

Fourteen times… I sighed and resigned to the possibility that the universe might have conspired for a purpose and forced my rebellious ears to tune into this cosmic noise.

Yup, I heard You loud and clear!


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