Customer Surveys — It’s finally here!

These surveys must have been around here for much longer (not sure, though!) than I had observed. It’s just that I have only recently participated in some of them. The first time was last December at a café. I had been given a questionnaire about a new item in the menu. Then in two other restaurants, next to the menu, there had also been a section on the quality of service. And then in a pizza joint, the cashier pointed out an url I should go for a customer satisfaction survey (and “get free garlic bread!” It had said). Another fast-food chain followed. Now it seems to be the trend.

That is great! They need to extract the right information and act accordingly to improve products and service. Because the competition is getting tougher. My city is promoted as culinary tourism destination and these restaurants emerge like mushrooms in the rain, and most of them come and go like the wind. Just the other day I noticed that a restaurant spot, which I pass by on my way to the office, has changed name and management or owner for the third time in less than a year.

On acting accordingly, however, I have got a small contention.

“Please don’t change!” (very likely one of the last remaining brews I can enjoy)
“Please don’t change!” (very likely one of the last remaining brews I can enjoy)

I have been very annoyed when a coffee brew that I liked seemed to have weaker taste than it had used to. After investigating it —revisiting the joint a number of times at different times of day and month (full moon and what-not may very likely matter!), ordering and tasting the same brew every time— I concluded that the change in taste was intentional. It was neither a fluke nor one time incident. And, boy! I’ve got annoyed even more than ever.

This has got me wondering whether it had been the consequence of such survey: the brew gets an enhanced taste just because the majority think it needs refinement.

No, people! It had been a perfectly fine drip that needed no tinkering. At all.

Yet, what am I but a mere blip outside the normal distribution?

No use crying over spilled milk. Now spilled coffee… that is a completely different story. Unknown


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