Opening A Door — A “Misaeng” Effect

*On a side note, I was in need of a “palate cleanser” after another Korean drama series had ended. It left a bitter taste of saccharine. I thought of “Misaeng” immediately and one of its ending themes, “Fly” by Yi Seung Yeol, put my feet back on the ground.


I met an old friend at lunch. Of course, we exchanged stories and, among others, our experience with interns and newbies at our respective offices and line of works. It was no surprise that we grumbled over similar things: some of them have a misplaced sense of entitlement. Just because they have the privilege of attending prestigous colleges they would not do certain tasks and dirty jobs.

“But once in a while you meet those with amazing perseverance!”

I was instantly reminded of Jang Geu-Rae of “Misaeng”.

I agreed. But they seem to have become extremely rare!

The talks soon turned to our own selves, whether we had been good mentors to them or left an impact in their lives (like Team Leader Oh Sang-Sik of “Misaeng”). Or whether we should try to. Maybe good mentors have become even rarer.

Looking back, I don’t think I have made a good mentor at all. Although, an email from a former intern sparked a little hope that I may have done something right. “Thank you for opening a door of opportunity for me,” it read.

No. Thank YOU for having patience with me.


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