Memento Mori: The State of Grave

“It is a serene, tranquil, and peaceful site. We still have plots overviewing the city as well!”

I had no idea whether I should have laughed when I listened to the officer explaining the features and benefits of a premium grave site. Of course, I knew these top-notch qualities were meant for those who were left behind by the dead. But still, I was genuinely amused. How would I enjoy the view when I die?

“We have also fortified and widened the road access with asphalt. It will be very accessible.”


“And very convenient too! We designed the plots to be spacious so more people can be accomodated when they are visiting.”

Eh? Like I could throw an after death tea party or something?

“And your tomb will be well groomed, cleaned and maintained.”

My tomb.

The reminder, of a state in which I could no longer be, sent goosebumps.

I smiled and thanked her for the educational information with a note that “I will think about it,” and took one of the brochures. I mulled over the lingering questions that soon emerged from this encounter. If I were to get my self a grave plot in such beautiful place, who would enjoy those benefits? Who would I leave behind when I die?


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