A Force of Nature

What an awesome sight to behold!

Rain came down hard. Dark clouds paraded while lightnings came out and touched the grounds as if they were tap-dancing, or as if there were lightning throwing competition on the heavens. The sound of pouring water, wind, and thunders shrouded everything else. I looked through the window in awe.

Then the blinding light and thunderous noise came in unison. The lightning has struck very, very close to home. The floor where I stood shook and the walls trembled. Twice more, they struck even harder and I cowered, closing my eyes, uttering prayers. A genuine fear crept in that indeed the sky might have been ripped open.

Slowly the rain petered out, calm set in and soon I had to deal with the aftermath. The storm had sent my internet connection away as the modem went kaputt. *Sigh…

The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in their control and not the other way around.
Serizawa Ichiro, Godzilla


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