Time’s Scar

@!#$%! I haven’t got time for this!

One had been furious, thinking of the tasks that would be postponed or delayed because one had to tend the wound. One had also been angry since carelessness and thoughtlessness had got the better of one. As the recovery mechanism was kicking into high gear, the accompanying fever had made matter worse. It had put one out like a light most of the time. More time had been lost in deep and numbing sleep.

But time heals if you let it.

The wound, from a recent burn injury, had been seen looking like an archipelago, progressing to dendritic ridge and then desert pavement. On weekend, the remaining old skin formed perimeter that gave the new tissues resemblence to South America or, with proper lighting and seen from certain angle, Australia. Most of the dead skin has come off now. It is healing nicely.

It will leave a scar. But, “a life without scars is a life not lived,” a friend said, or so one paraphrased.

Though one can’t help mumbling, “Healer-yah…” *still in delirium*


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