A tale of two appointments


Thursday morning.

One got a message. “Let’s have lunch today!” 

One pondered about the day’s plan. It had been a busy day, would be a busy night and a break was more than welcome. There was a two hour window at noon. With smart routing and a little speeding, one would be able to squeeze in a date.


We set the venue, somewhere neat and near to each one’s next scheduled destination. One got there first, seven minutes to h-hour.

Then there was a call. The good friend was stuck in a part of town that the mention of it triggered a horror of insane traffic. One started building the what-if tree with skepticism showering it. Given the distance and time, one reckoned this meeting would not take place. But one really wanted to meet so, I will wait, and while doing so, one ordered coffee.

After some time, sooner than one had calculated, the good friend came. The rest became some of the best hours one had had in recent memory.

Yes. Good things, good times and good feelings come to an end.


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