Of relationships

One seems to develop weird relationship with recommender systems. As one needs to work on a similar system and evaluate it, one explores some that have been around. One of them of course, is that of youtube of the mighty Google. Whenever one searches for some string, one puts the suggestions into scrutiny. Most of the time, they are helpful and lead one to related materials, sometimes not so much and create confusion, but rarely offend.

This time, one was searching for materials on the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. On one of them, the suggestion box gave these:


One can understand how the first one, “Whiskey kills the Butterflies”, got there. It must have been related to the Scottish, Scotch, and whisky. The second suggestion puzzled one. It roughly translates to “Signs that he or she is my ‘destiny'”, relating to the matter of the heart and what-not apparently. One does have suspicion on how the topics can relate to each other although it would need convoluted twists and turns, a couple of jumps, and conjectures. Now… how does THAT come about, youtube?

Anyway, today is the Scottish independence referendum. Whatever the result may be, one is excited that the world is going to get interesting.


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