An anonymous letter

*……. some notes from one’s creations…….*

Dear Creator,

How’s life for you there? Are you having difficult time? We presume that you are since we seem to bear the brunt of it. Again.

We have noticed that you have cooked plots that, mind you, are nonsensical and inconsistent. We would like to inform you that while we didn’t mind your previous mischiefs –the trauma of having our lives rewound just to accommodate your protagonist, enhanced, upgraded and ever-so-pompous, and the setting transfered back and forth to different eras still needs to be dealt with– this latest venture is absolutely ridiculous.

To name but a few, the guy you sent down the labyrinthine underground has resurfaced and claimed to have found a door to another dimension and communicated with another being that claimed to be your creation. When asked why that being made contact with him, he said that it had said something akin to “hello world”.

Really?! Have you been experimenting with another world beside ours? Or multiple worlds? Are you now setting us to be part of a pseudoscience-horror fiction flick?

With all due respect, Creator, we think you should reconsider where this is going. Having us walked through a different genre will only invite mutiny and chaos. Already, we can sniff an uprising on the air. We ask you to stop this madness at once and be consistent with your own rules.

Yours in resilience,
Your creations united.

ps. You are welcome to retaliate for this impudence. But please don’t write off another character.
pps. Cheers!


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