Of villains and villainy in the business of saving the world

One should have been writing something else. Yet, lo and behold! Once again, one procrastinated in the name of seeking inspiration.

This escapism has taken on some weird twists. At first, one had been determined to relearn the Corridors of Time, arranged by the mysterious Zohar02, who had been suspected as Mitsuda-san himself. A few youtube clicks later, one sat through the complete compressed game videos and cut scenes of some rpg. By the end of it, of course, one’s got massive headache. Oh, RPGs! What had happened to you!

Things that vexes one to no end seem to increase as time goes by. Among them are the melodramatic, grand, epic background music that tells you what you should feel at particular points in the game, the formulaic “alchemical” and “hero’s journey” templates, the over-the-top angsts, dramas, and narcissism that plagued the villains.

Well, THAT was the point of the story, right? To construct a villain that is worth your wrath?

One had been ridiculed that perhaps one had been stuck in the past. But, if the trend continues like what one had seen then one would happily camp at that era, the golden age of rpg when substance ruled over style.

One googled for “best rpg villain” and read some pages. In one of them, one found link to a quizz, The Evil Overlord Test. The result was not surprising as he is, in one’s book, the most fascinating villain one ever encountered. One had replayed the game he’s in just to ponder things and events from his point of view, construct the “unseen” plots, and make out his thoughts along the way.

Your result for The Evil Overlord Test…


25% Evil, 83% Intelligence, 70% Common Sense

Krelian was the true holder of power in the hidden city of Solaris. Often ruling from behind the scenes, Krelian employed advanced knowledge to achieve his purpose. That being, his desire to create a perfect state of existence in which there is no loss or sadness. He excels in science, most notably in the field of nanotechnology. Using this knowledge, Krelian constructed himself a body made almost exclusively of nanites (microscopic machines that constantly replicate). This essentially makes him immortal, as he never ages, and cannot be easily killed.

Krelian is not identified with being inherently evil. He simply seeks to evolve mankind into a higher state of existence. His unique ability to pick up a subject and master it quickly shows his high level of intelligence and his high level of patience put forth in achieving his plans shows an intermediate amount of common sense.


If God doesn’t exist in our world, then I will create God with my own hands!

Source of Overlord: Xenogears

Take The Evil Overlord Test at HelloQuizzy

Now. One needs to stop procrastinating, move forwards, and, in the process, save the world.


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