Of Meeting and Parting

A farewell session was in order as a good friend is leaving for another country she will call home. Deciding when and where was, as usual, a fiasco eventhough we have had similar scenes so many times. Schedule synchronisation is always a difficult art to master and chosing a venue has always been an agony. I quietly enjoyed the process, though, as it distracted us from the inevitable goodbyes. Not long after, we set on a date, time, and venue for an extended lunch.

I got there first. Then she arrived, another friend followed, and another one too. I found it endearing that each one of us, despite our diverse and busy schedules, still managed to squeeze a date like this. But still, bound by the boring 9-to-5 office hours means I could only stay for a short time. I would have to go first too.

The inevitable goodbye had come. Parting words were then spoken, well wishes exchanged, and promises set. And when it was time for one last look at each other, eyes welled up. It was a good thing that the venue was a fast food joint, so mundane and boisterous, that melancholy and sentimentality were well reigned in, for a group of women with eyes welling up would look weird undoubtedly. I should leave immediately despite the lure and call to stay. After a couple of rounds of let’s-hug-one-last-time-once-more, I finally walked out the door.

Then thoughts came flooding in. I recalled that she told me once that I seemed to be emotionally detached from people. I wondered if I had said all the right things. Or maybe I should have stayed a little longer. I wondered if this would really be our last. So I turned to go back in.

Yet, as the sight of these dearest friends came through the window I couldn’t walk further. I stopped and watched them chatting, unnoticed. I couldn’t help recalling the farewells and goodbyes that I’d gone through.

Just the other week, I met an old friend that I hadn’t seen for years. We chatted for some time, catching up with each other’s life. By the end of that reunion, however, there had been familiar sadness. It was once inexplicable but I finally comprehend it now. I had wished, instead of reminiscing about the past, we had talked about what we might do together. I had wished that there had been a place for us in each other’s future.

A sudden laughter woke me up from these thoughts. I looked through the window and watched these dearest friends once more. I wondered then if this farewell would one day invoke similar sentiment.

Time will tell, of course.

Have a safe journey home, dear friend.

And yes, I will pay for your flight ticket, so you can come to my wedding, when the time comes… where ever it will be.


5 thoughts on “Of Meeting and Parting”

  1. Well said Nul… Well said… And mashaaAllah I am amaze!!! You’re so talented!! You can be a successful writer seruously!


    1. Thank you for dropping by, for the compliment and encouragement, Jeng Esti… Coming from you, that indeed means a lot.

      Still not at that level yet…


  2. Mashaallaah,, subhanallah indeed well-written story. I found that i couldn’t hold some water comin out from my eyes soon after i finished to read,, of a du’a that we will also gather in jannah. But before jannah:),,let us wait of the date Allah had set for all of us to meet again. Inshaallah.
    I am safely in my home now.


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