Cold and I: a survival guide

One has long made peace with the reality that cold will strike once in a while. One keeps telling oneself there is nothing to fret about cold. One should only focus on what to do when it does strike. That includes first responses: (1) sleeping eight hours at night in quadruple layers of warm fabrics; (2) eating less fried food, none if possible; (3) avoiding air-conditioned rooms and buildings; (4) avoiding things and people that make one unhappy; (5) stocking balms (liquid and solid), herbs, teas, and tissues; (6) keep being active physically and mentally —walk or run longer or farther, and play mental chess.

Of course, there should be room for improvisation and responding to the current bout of cold, however, makes one value that even more.

When one could not do (3) and (4), for example, one should prioritise. Doing whatever necessary to keep one’s emotional and mental health in check comes first. So one writes and doodles to vent the frustration and irritation. One dresses the part as, partly, a silent announcement of “beware of this (irritable, high strung) sick person” — so please go away if you don’t want to get infected— as well as direct answers to unnecessary questions like how-are-yous. Above all, one should always remember to uphold a golden rule that “one shall not complain.”

Overall, following this guideline so far, one manages to survive nicely with a verdict, though still premature, that this season’s cold gets a PT, “predictably tolerable”.


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