To The Bitter End!

…cue Jay Leonhart’s witty Giant Flies (from Salamander’s Pie) *…that had me in stitches for laughing out loud while trying to maintain composure and poker face later that day… *

here I am flat broke, worn out, dejected…
my body aches and you know I think my foot’s infected…

Giant Flies, Jay Leonhart

The perennial sleep deprivation left one waking up weary and cranky, and that morning was no exception. Since one made a living on weekends by being devoid of emotion on-air, “this won’t do,” one whined. Yet, unlike Mr. Leonhart, one could not simply sing one’s blues away at three on Saturday mornings. One needed a mental boost. One roamed the kitchen for coffee and found none. One was determined to get some on the way to the studio.

So one stopped by a 24-hour fast food establishment at a junction and ordered a cup of coffee. Still being cranky, one had to exercise self-control, smile, and hold back from pointing out that, on the menu, one of the delicacies, choco mousse, missed an ‘s’ —and keep reminding oneself to tuck away the “editorial blade” one had been brandishing all week, and that being pedantic won’t help one’s social life. One simply asked for a serving of said dish, moved to a corner, and devoured the offering wholeheartedly.

Then one stopped short as one faced a dilemma.

Looking back, there should have been no drama about it as one need only choose between the last sip of long black coffee and the last bite of choco mousse. Yet one’s alter-ego insisted that this merited some serious contemplation and consideration: which flavour or taste one wished to linger long after the meal was over.

One blinked once, twice, and sighed. One looked around the room in case anyone was in similar predicament, waiting for a strike of inspiration. Since it was barely the break of day, one had expected the joint to be less crowded than usual and thus easier to observe. No one seemed to share one’s qualm.

In the end, it was not so much about favouring coffee over chocolate cake. One just needed to get to the studio as soon as possible and stalling over some inconsequential philosophical gobbledygook was silly.

Outside, the sky began showing that shade of orange one loves so much that marks the beginning of the day. One sighed once more and gobbled the cake. One paused for another minute. With that last drop of coffee, one braced oneself to go through the day.


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