About a boy

The cool kid finally hit the double digit age that day. He faced it with a gusto, of course. “Three years! three more years, Sis,” he said, “and I’ll be eligible for a facebook account.” His younger cousin already had one yet he would wait, “as is stated by the official guidelines.”

One, however, was hit by a ton of bricks of sentimentality and melancholy. So much so, one had to take a very long walk up the hill to regain composure. #%!*, Kid! Didn’t I tell you not to grow up so soon… Slowly those thoughts passed and one began listing things we would do now that he is older.

Let’s go climbing that mountain. I want to show you the breathtaking view that once had me in tears of joy and laughter…

Let’s go to such and such concerts. I want you to listen to these music giants while they still walk this earth…

Then a group of schoolboys walked past one. They were, in high spirits, recounting a football match, blow by blow, with special effects and exaggeration here and there. One listened to them in fascination.

And then those sentimentality came back with full force.

You would rather spend times with your friends, of course. They would tell great stories…

You would find your own music that you would share with your friends…

One heaved a sigh.

Of course…


That evening, one found him at one’s door… a boy who had mastered stair climbing long before he could walk and talk just to get into my room.

Why aren’t you sleeping?

He came forward and threw himself on one’s lap. “You look tired. Can I keep you company?”

“Please tell me stories… What about that boy that got lost in the forest? You haven’t finished that story…”

One hugged him tight, of course…


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