how to blow one’s head off?

World Philosophy Day

That is yesterday, 20th November.

I got a hangover for being out in the rain for three days in a row. So, sneezes are frequent at the moment and expected to cause headache as well. So why would one need another “Four philosophical questions to make your brain hurt”?

Well, those sure are fun in a way. They take one’s mind off of the current economy meltdown, triggered by the credit crunch (the one made in USA, not the chocolate). Though worries, whether my relatives and friends would keep their jobs, linger.

Hmm… I only got two so-called “philosophical” questions at the moment: “am I real?”…………… that begs the question “what is real”? ……………… I am hungry.

Talking about diversion… early this week, I found out that BBC now has a “weird and wonderful” section. Similar concept to Reuter’s “oddly enough” I suppose.


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