Anticipating Beethoven Virus

The synopsis sounds like any other K-dramas, just in different set-up. It’s because Beethoven Virus has director Lee Jae Gyu of Damo fame on the helmet, and Kim Myung Min (White Tower) as the lead. Moreover, I read that this is inspired (loosely) by Nodame Cantabile.


Kim Myung Min plays a conductor in Beethoven Virus


A musical performance by the supporting orchestra preceded the press conference yesterday (September 4th), featuring:

  1. F. van Suppe’s Light Cavalry (conductor: Seo Hee Tae)
  2. E. Morricone’s Gabriel Oboe (Oboe: Choi Yoon Yeong, violin: Lee Ji Ah, conductor: Kim Myung Min)
  3. F. Chopin’s Piano Concerto no.2, 1st movement (piano solo: Lim Dong Hyeok, conductor: Seo Hee Tae)
  4. Astor Piazolla’s Libertango (cello solo: Kim Myeong Joo; conductor: Seo Hee Tae)
  5. Beethoven’s Symphony no. 5
  6. Brahm’s Hungarian Dance no. 5 (conductor Kim Myung Min)

I enjoyed the 3rd and 4th ones the most.

Can’t help wondering how it will fare, compared with Nodame Cantabile though I’ve told myself many times that there is no point in doing that. I’d like to know how BV will weave classical music in its plot and development. And how it will explain its own title, Beethoven Virus. Will the title be justified, or will it be like, hmm, Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose? The ever puzzling rose in “The Name of the Rose”?

It’ll start on September 11th. Still, I probably won’t catch Beethoven Virus when it’s airing. I don’t like waiting for next installments and speculating-extrapolating-fabricating what’s coming and what-nots. I’d rather wait until it ends and then watch it as a complete package.


On the subject of titles, I laughed out loud when I listened to Bud Freeman’s “The Eel’s Nephew,” performed by Howard Alden Trio, couple of days ago, wondering about eel’s family tree.


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