Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony: A World of Colours

Finally, I was able to watch the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony in its entirety.

I hadn’t had a clue if the opening ceremony had been shown here — TVRI holds the broadcast right but my geoposition couldn’t get its signal. I was curious about the ceremony after days after days of hearing and reading praises on it.

I must say those praises are well-grounded. Despite the glitches and controversies, I had to agree that it was the most spectacular opening in olympics and any sport events I’ve seen so far. This grand opening ceremony clearly showed the pride the Chinese have over their rich history and achievements.


The Cauldron of Beijing Olympics 2008 (from a

The Cauldron of Beijing Olympics 2008 (from


Maybe it’s a good thing Steven Spielberg resigned from the Creative Consultant position. The Chinese can proudly present the show as (almost) completely “made in China”. I had no idea if the two Zhangs (Zhang Yimou and Zhang Jigang) had to redraw their plan or carried on where Spielberg left off. But, after watching the opening ceremony, I was at lost as to why the Chinese had to hire Spielberg in the first place anyway.

One distinctive feature is the colours. That must’ve been Zhang Yimou at play. I remember, after watching one of his shows, a friend and I wondered if the characters in his film exchanged challenge letters, or duel invitations with a postscript on dress codes (something like…. “Let’s fight! I’ll be waiting by the west gate. Don’t forget, the dress code is summer!”) because they were so colour-coordinated.

The other are the wire works and fireworks. I wondered how they managed the wire circuitries without getting headaches or falling. It must’ve been chaotic.

Now, I can hardly contain anticipation on London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony. How it will fare compared to Beijing 2008… I’ll wait and see. I hope it’ll be shown here on its entirety. Though it’s a slim chance. *Gah! these “sport industry” culture has become ridiculous!*


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