The way home, through a rose-coloured glasses, in the wee small hours…

Actually, the sunglasses is in a shade of brown… I’ve been addicted to it lately. It definitely helps protecting eyes from particles, aside from making one feel cool.

So this is what Bandung looks like at half past one in the morning. There was rarely anyone around, of course. The empty street would just tempt anyone to speed like it did me. But Beastie’s fuel indicator barely touched the empty sign, so I got to the nearest petrol station.

At one in the morning, a mask and sunglasses aren’t supposed to be a fashion statement. With them, one is probably bound to look suspicious, isn’t he? And a she would also draw curiosity and questions of proprieties. Why would a girl wander around at one in the morning, the gas station keeper might have wondered. But prying keeps customer away, so he maintained a business smile and pose.

After asking for certain amount of fuel, I was about to pay when the fuel meter caught my attention. Whether the price wasn’t right, or my eyes was playing trick on me, or I was just being bad with numbers, especially ones with long trailing zeros.

But no… I took off the sunglasses and counted the zeros aloud. The meter was wrong and shocked me and, wait!, made me happy instantly.

“Does this mean the petrol goes down to one-tenth its actual price at dawns?” Ah, the more reason to wander around at dawns!

“No, Miss!” the station keeper said, killing the premature joy. “It’s just that the meter can only show 4 digits…”

Ah! So these meters weren’t prepared to keep up with the oil price rise that has made Beastie’s tonic’s hit 5 digit number. What a waste of investment in digitisation!

“Thanks!” I put on the glasses, bid farewell and heard the keeper said, “be careful!”

Then came the joy of speeding. There was no stopping, especially when one was listening to EIA‘s Super Hero. Beastie charged forwards until we arrived at a junction of which traffic light flashed red. I wondered why it showed red at dawn like this, while it goes yellow all the way on daylights.

Now, the dilemma: should I stop or should I not.

I took off the glasses and sighed at this obedience and stupidity. Until unwanted thoughts of the other-worldliness came surging without restraint and imagination ran wild.

I screamed………… Yeah, forget red lights at this time of day!

And so I scrammed.


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