My random babbles #1: draft till you drop!

Mid-June already and I still haven’t posted anything. So for the first time I faced the wordpress dashboard and read it line by line. Never before has the blog statistics caught my attention like it did now.

Eight drafts? If I had that much to write, why there’s only small number of posts! What the *@!# had happened to these drafts?


Three are sad cases of lost momentum. One is a response to the Wilder’s Fitna affair. I dropped it because there are more eloquent responses out there, I would only sound like a broken record, merely repeating what’s been said. One is a response to the after-effect of Wilder’s Fitna affair, the access blockage to Youtube and Multiply, and I’ll get to it (*). One is a cathartic response to the recent fuel-price rise.

Three drafts are babbles on Fahmi and daily business. Momentum-wise, they haven’t expired, so I’ll kick myself mentally to get them done.

Two are film-related. One is a babble on films that I found surprising and interesting last year. I’ll finish the draft if only I can get hold of those again — I forgot where I put them. One is, partially another lost momentum, a babble on waiting for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Crystal Skull. It prompted me to write about an old computer game, “The Crystal Skull, A Mythic Aztec Adventure”. It is part of what Bro named as ancient civilization game collection — he collected games that reflected or were set in different civilizations and eras.

There’s another good old PC game in that collection, S.P.Q.R: The Empire’s Darkest Hour, a sort of detective, puzzle-mystery-solving game. It still intrigues me as I haven’t finished it. Years later, when I wanted to continue the game, the CD-ROM drive (52x) exhausted the disc, the game revealed places and points that I shouldn’t have accessed yet. Well, compared to the CD-ROM drive speed when it first came out (8-16x), 52x is too much to bear, ay? But, even if that was a sort of cheat without tweaking anything, it did nothing in my advancing through the game… argh, the idiot in me! There is an on-line version of it. Now, if only I have time…


(*) The ban made me realise that I’ve underused youtube. And when the ban was dissolved, I went straight to youtube to search for a music video I wanted to see the most: Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” featuring River Phoenix and Wil Wheaton.

Why, you wonder? Well, if ever I were star-struck, that was with the late River Phoenix. I saw him for the first time as Chris Chambers in Rob Reiner’s “Stand By Me” (imdb), an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Body. It’s one of my favourite, a very good film on friendship, not just because young Mr. Phoenix was in it. Hmm, I once read that a local film, Mengejar Matahari, is inspired by “Stand By Me”, if not plagiarised. I haven’t seen “Mengejar Matahari” though.

By the way, younger Mr. Wil Wheaton (the Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher) is also in Stand By Me. It appears that Mr. Wheaton is an accomplished blogger too.

There were also other old music videos on that look-up-youtube list, of course. But found an unexpected find, a Bach-styled Penny Lane by John Bayless. Enjoy!


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