Brain Hemisphere Switch

Hmm. I think I need to congratulate myself.

I’m so prone to spraining ankles, not wrists, so this has been a new experience of pain and fear. I couldn’t remember exactly what had happened that I sprained my right wrist. I can’t tell its current state, whether my right wrist is recovering or deteriorating. Yet, a month has passed and it still hasn’t returned to normal. Somehow, the pain feels “wrong” and unnatural.

It starts affecting daily activities. The pain can become unbearable when I write or eat bare-handed. Though I’ve been told that it was just my imagination, my right palm looks a little skewed. Just in case the worst gets worse, I’ve got to devise an emergency plan. These two weeks, I’ve been through a rigorous two hour a day practice for left-hand writing in roman, Japanese, and Arabic systems.

And I’ve finally been able to make my left-hand writing distinctive enough not to be mistaken for worms. It is also readable enough though probably by me alone. While writing speed still needs improvement, there is no significant problem except for signing signature. So, next plan is practicing my right-hand signature with my left hand.


……… hmm……… would that be considered a forgery?


2 thoughts on “Brain Hemisphere Switch”

  1. “would that be considered a forgery?”
    hahaha… that’s so funny..

    though i am sympathized for you, and i hope your arm is back to normal soon, hehe..


  2. Thanks for the sympathy, Joey! The pain has subsided, though I have no idea if it’s fixed… :(

    There’s always the silver lining though! :)


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