….. Hmm. So this is one of the difficulties of being an adult: be consistent with your own rules.

I was savouring my favourite dish: Gule Kepala Kakap, and supervising a download process when Fahmi tugged my arm.

“Mbak Noel, mbak Noel! you said.. ‘No eating while we’re in Mbak Noel’s room’!” Fahmi reminded me, politely.

Fahmi still messes with his meals. So, to prevent ants and bugs and all those worldly creatures from ruining gadgets in my room, no meals are allowed inside my room.

“Eh? Did I?” I feigned a lapse of memory. “But, see dear… this is my room.”

“And?” he demanded explanation.

Eh? I thought it was obvious. I eyed him. Did he really put on that naive face on purpose? “Hmm… it’s my room. I can do anything I want here.”

“But you can’t eat here. You’ll invite bugs, ants, cockroaches…” and all the things I’d said.

Duh! How come he remembers everything I said on THAT matter! ………. who was the adult here…..?

“Well, I won’t spill any drink or food or make a mess…” I recited the superior qualities he had yet to master. “I am being careful.”

“But why can’t I? why can’t I eat here?” Gone was all his finesse. His mouth twitched, and His eyes narrowed and showed defiance.

I lowered my head to his height and smiled a victory. “You are a kid! You still have to master how to use a spoon, and…” as my head lowered still, the plate in my lap was pushed forward, and…


Okay, bro! another lesson on being an adult is learnt: no double standard either, especially on someone who’s less than a quarter of my age.



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