Pak Harto vs. Tahu & Tempe

“Oh, man! *imitating Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer.*” Fahmi said, while heaving a sigh that clearly spoke of boredom. “Pak Harto again…! Why Pak Harto again?!”

He was complaining.

Our main TV is usually switched on during news sessions. And recently all focused on either former president Soeharto’s state of health, unresolved charges against him, his cronies’ buzz, or family, friends, and foes visits and what-not. Apparently, that exhausted Fahmi……… and me.

That baffled me as well. Has the news coverage on former president Soeharto gone out of proportion? What is the purpose of overloading me, layperson, with information on his latest blood pressure level every changing hour?

Please. Give the man and his family, and me, a break.

And shouldn’t such energy be directed on more pressing matters? Like soybean supply shortage that threatens to put thousands of small-scale industries on hold, or even collapse?

We, as a nation, really need to learn how to sort out priorities.

I really feel sorry for tahu and tempe makers. As one who finds delight in tahu-tempe dishes, the recent turmoil makes me realize that all along, I’ve been taking tahu and tempe for granted. It never occured to me that one day, tahu and tempe might not be on the menu anymore.

Though it seems some of us look down on them.

“Oh man! *still imitating Swiper the Fox*” Fahmi said. “Tempe again! eat tempe again!”

Yeah, bro! Eat them! Savour them while you still can!


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